AdClarityAnalytics of competitors advertising (B.I)


AdClarity allows users to track their competitors' advertising activities and get insights about what each competitor advertise, where they publish, the budget for each campaign, and more.

As a UX designer, my task was to revamp the user experience of the dashboard that will assist users as a tool for making budget-related decisions

Product Saas
Role  UX designer
Industry  Business intelligence
Year 2017


Roles characteristics

Media buyers, planners & creatives

Can be an employee of an enterprise or work in advertising or media agency

Enterprise employee will have deep knowledge of their industry

Agency employee manage several customers from various domains

Begins with a high-level view and drill-down to find benchmarks as well as anomalies

Each employee has a steady set of accounts he works on

Each role has different reports to analyze


Managers focus mainly on the bottom line

Executives want to see the "big picture"

Executives are seeking for data-nuggets they can present in meetings

mapping - Hirerchy of entities

Each role focus on a different level of hierarchy in the campaign and a different point of interest regarding the entities of a campaign.


Questions they ask themselves

When working on the dashboard, users want to learn what their competitors are doing in order to make data-based decisions

Who are my competitors?

Where do they publish?

How they invest/ spend their budget?

Which messages they user in their campaigns?

2 Concepts: Push vs. Pull

After analysis, and considerting knowladge about customers I came up with 2 concepts

Pull data

Executive Summary at a glance

Easy drilling-down from High-level to raw data

Provides Top, new & biggest changes for each entity

Push data

Suggests insights the user wasn’t aware of

Innovative and revamped look& feel

Emphasis the story of the marketing strategy


As a user, my main motivation to use AdClarity is to find opportunities. For that reason, the final concept was a hybrid one - combining the idea of PUSH data and of PULL data.

There are many paths to PULL data. As a user, I can browse, search or use preset reports I saved for frequent use.

main screens

The main dashboard offers exploration at the industry level. As a user, I can see the highlights in the summary. Then, I can scroll and see detailed information for further exploration

Next to it, I see a feed with insights - interesting patterns that as a user I was not even aware that I should look for. This can surface useful opportunities.

Insights Feed

The insights are stories ​that can belong to a different entity: Advertiser, brand, Publisher, mediator, campaign, ad, or banner

On mouseover, I can see more detailed information

Advertiser Report

From the industry report, I can scroll down to focus on a single advertiser, brand or campaign and pull the data I need.

The overview of the competitor consists of many widgets regarding different aspects of the competitor's advertising.

As a user, I can export the raw data so I can synthesis and analyze it.