IsraelCredit mobile app for cardholders


IsraelCredit was about to launch a new marketing strategy around the idea of leveraging data in order to optimize the shopping experience since their competitors already appropriated marketing programs like Rewards and cashback.

As a UX designer my mission was to design a new mobile app that lays on 3 pillars: Pay, Service & loyalty program

Product Mobile app
Role  UX designer
Industry fintech
Year 2017


Marketing program - INFINITY

The future potential of credit cards lies in the appropriation of convenience in buying and is based on the understanding that the customer's buying process begins long before payment and continues well after.

Competitors research

Competitive research of fintech apps, credit-card and banks worldwide and also of retailer's loyalty club and reward clubs.


Capital One

Pepper Bank

Super Pharm




Clustering map of customers' perceptions and habits based on vast marketing research and user survey conducted by IsraelCredit, and of usage analysis of IsraelCredits app and website.



The key insight is that the app's challenge is whether it will be used habitually by customers or not and in any case it will happen gradually.

The way to achieve it is by anticipating "magical" moments for the customer and providing them relevant information, actions, or benefits that wiil optimize their shopping experience.

Additional Insights

Positive customer experience is a key to retention

Different e-shopping patterns between me to women: women seek for crowd wisdom while man already has made up their mind

Banks apps and websites are perceived as more trustworthy than those of the Credit Card app and website

Currently, the main usage of the app is to track activity and it has almost daily DAU

While among app users perks information is the main usage, half of the company customers did not take advantage of benefits

Journey map & situations example


Home screen - My cards overview

As a user, the first thing I see is a summary for each card I own so I can track my state. Below, I can quickly access preferred benefits, or I can evoke useful tools I saved.

Additional main screens I can navigate to are the content zone with tips per different consumer categories or the self-service.

Situations: Anticipatory design

By tracking activity the app can suggest useful actions and accompany the customer before, during, and after the transaction.

Situation: purchased flying ticket

Additional situations

Billing day

Suspicious activity

Transaction declined

Following on-line transactions

Service & self-service

Customers complained about not enough self-service actions they can do. On the other hand, they mentioned that they want to have someone to support them in case they are "stuck". An additional complaint was that the information they seek is no accessible enough.



Statments and track activity

As a user, I can see a snapshot of the card's current state, and below I see all transactions sort by date. I can also sort my expenses according to categories or by merchants.

Transactions (by date)

Transactions (by cateogry)

Transactions (by merchant)

Transaction screen

On the transaction screen, I can see all the information I need in order to identify the expenses. In addition, I can add a picture from an event or a product. I can also add comments to myself.

The transaction screen shows me all the information regarding the purchase. In order to help me attach meaning to these expenses, I can add pictures of the product and also write a self note.