carBNB Vehicle rentals


carBNB is a platform that connects between vehicle owners and drivers that have a goal that requires a detailed specification, amenities, or specific customization

Product Mobile app
Role  UX/ UI designer
Year 2021



Main scenario

Chen, a mother of a baby, saw that there was an operation at the nursery in the village of Azar until the end of the day that she did not want to miss. She needs a car with a baby seat, which will have enough space to both put in a stroller and take 2-3 flower pots home.

She logs into the app, to search for the cars in the surrounding area that is available now. She points out that she must have a baby seat and that it will be nice if he has a large trunk.

She got suitable search results, to choose the vehicle she wants she is looking at the pictures of vehicles and especially the picture of the chair. In addition, she looks at previous reviews to make sure the vehicle is clean and the owners are reliable.

After choosing a car at a price that suits her, she rents it at the push of a button and finally arrives at the car park where it is located. She unlocks the vehicle with the app and the glove holder has a key. When she returns she signals that the recovery is over and the payment passes.

Secondary scenarios

A designer will open a storefront and occasionally have to move some surfaces to his clients. He has already used the app several times and marked for himself a number of vehicles that suit his needs.

He goes into the list of those vehicles and checks which one is available to him now. He chooses from the list and rents it. He gets to the car and unlocks it through the app

Alex moves into an apartment in two weeks he needs a van for a sofa, TV and a few more crates. He enters the app, and on the home page, he sees an area of ​​vehicle selection by characteristics. He selects a sub-category of vans and gets a pickup results page and goes through the bids. He filters the results by the dates he wants and gets fewer results. He looks at the results and chooses according to the price of one of the vans.

When he finishes his school day, she logs into her account. Sees the lessons she missed and that she needs to complete. She enters the first lesson and at the top of the page is the recording of the lesson.

Dana hurries to the meeting, she gets in the car and discovers that he is not conditioned. She can’t wait for the mechanic so she logs into the app and searches the car area in person. She finds a car on a nearby street and chooses to rent it

Competitors research

Analysis of both car-rentals app, marketplaces, and gig-economy site.



Get Around

airBNB - Listing screen

airBNB - Search results

Task Rabbit


Prioritization of Information and actions

Information architecture

The Problem

How might we help the user to have a real "feel" of a given vehicle so he can have enough confidence it will indeed meet his needs?

The Solution

As a user, I will be able to easily define specific search criteria and read meaningful information about the vehicle so I could understand if it meets my goal as well as my preferences.


Main Screen

Search form

Search form>> Date & time modal

Search results


Main screen

As a user, I can find a vehicle can be by usage type, vehicle type, or an amenity I must have.

Additional screens are a map with vehicles around me, an inbox to communicate vehicle owners, and a profile screen.

Search form and modals

In the search form I can define my needs for this ride and answer the what, when and where.

Each tag opens a bottom sheet simple, short, and narrowly focused form to specify what I want to find this time

Data Input modals

Date & time


Vehicle type

Requested amenity

Search results

As a user, I want to quickly scan the result and narrow them down to a shortlist of the more relevant vehicles.

Vehicle screen

The vehicle screen is where I as a user decide whether rent the vehicle or to pass. I can see highlights, read details, and see specifications and pictures for each amenity in the car.

I can also learn how part drivers rated this vehicle in a range of questions: general, maintenance, cleanliness, level of the accessories, and even about vehicles owner